Braveheart Institute

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Claude Soffel's Braveheart Methodology

The Braveheart Institute is an organization dedicated to providing fathers like you with the tools, know-how and self-awareness necessary to raise healthy, happy and successful children to adulthood on your terms.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that in order to be the father your children need, you must first become the man you are meant to be.  This means working hard to become the man your kids can look up to - a man who is 100% sure of who he is, what he stands for and the values he wants to instill in his children.

Once you have reconnected with your authentic, masculine identity, we will teach you how to father from that place of wholeness and empowerment. Before you know it, you’ll be a man and father you can be proud of, one who is established and confident, and leads his family with pride, honor and love.